Conferences and Presentations


LES ČR organizes each year a spring conference and an autumn conference, the theme of which always concerns the protection and commercialization of intellectual property. In addition to these two conferences, one or two specialized presentations or discussions take place each year.

Invitations and application forms can be found at this webpage approximately 1-2 months before the event takes place. If you want to receive a regular information about the events organized by LES ČR, please send your contact information to the LES ČR Secretary.

We offer sponsorship packages to companies that wish to promote their goods or services at LES ČR conferences and seminars. For more information please contact the LES ČR secretary.


Conferences and seminars organized or co-organized by LES ČR in 2015:


Conferences and seminars organized or co-organized by LES ČR in 2014:


Conferences and seminars organized by LES ČR in 2013:


Conferences organized by LESI and national societies in 2013:

Conferences and seminars organized by LES ČR in 2012:
  • 28.11.2012 conference Current IP Legislation and Case-Law in Europe
  • 16.5.2012 conference Practical experience with exploitation of intellectual property in company strategy
  • 26.4.2012 seminar IP day – in cooperation with ÚPV and ČSVZ
  • 11.4.2012 seminar Industrial design protection – in cooperation with TC AV ČR and ÚPV


Conferences organized by LESI and national societies in 2012:  


Conferences and seminars organized by LES ČR in 2011:

  • 8.11.2011 conference Practical issues in Copyright
  • 15.6.2011 conference Practical issues in IPR
  • 26.4.2011 seminar IP Day - in cooperation with ÚPV and ČSVZ


Conferences and seminars organized by LES ČR in 2010:

  • 17.5.2010 spring conference
  • 26.4.2010 - LESI PDS 100 course, in cooperation with Czech Industrial Property Office - flyer here (only in Czech)
  • 22.3.2010 - seminar Negotiation Skills - flyer and registration form here

Conferences and seminars organized by LES ČR in 2009:

Conferences and presentations organized by LES ČR in 2008:

  • 24.11.2008 conference Economic Aspects of Intellectual Property Management (Régine Poret, FR, Kevin Nachtrab, BE, Ing. Václav Neumajer, Ing. Petr Pomazal, Ing. Patrik Bartuška, LL.M.)
  • 6.10.2008 meeting with the LESI President Adam Liberman
  • 2.6. 2008 conference Recent Developments in the Field of Lincensing, Competition and Patent Law (D. Patrick O´Reilley, USA, RNDr. Roman Hák, Ing. Jozef Kertész, Ing. Lucie Zamykalová, Ph.D.)

Conferences and presentations organized by LES ČR in 2007:

  • 7.11. conference Licences – Effective exploitation of the IP rights (Ronald L. Grudziecki, USA, JUDr. K. Čermák jr., Ing. Martin Kašpárek, Ing. Vít Pavelec)
  • 25.9.2007 seminar Generics in Pharmaceuticals (Richard DiCicco, USA)
  • 5.6.2007 presentation To the preparation of a new patent act (Ing. Emil Jenerál)
  • 29.-31.3.2007 Licensing Course (Ada Nielsen, USA, Brian O´Shaughnessy, USA)


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